Batukizer is a Brazilian/Danish DJ crew that has been digging heavily into Brazilian music - both on vinyl and digital formats - for over a decade. Their research is translated to infectious and percussion driven dance parties all over the globe. During lockdown BTKZR exploded on Youtube, resulting in far beyond one million total views on a series of very visual mixtapes. They bring to the world the richness of unknown and regional Brazilian sounds and and exiting new discoveries. Check @Batukizer on all platforms.
Behind the Batukizer name you'll find Carla and Rasmus Schack. Carla has previously recorded two solo albums as Carla Alexandar and still puts out club tunes as a vocalist. In Brazil, she was part of the all-female group Lilith while dancing and singing for Brazilian artists such as Jorge Ben, Gilberto Gil, Lenine, Daúde, Akumdum and many more. Rasmus Schack has DJed quality club music for two decades before dedicating himself to Brazilian sounds. A decision taken after living two years in Brazil, learning fluent Portuguese and studying Brazilian history, culture and music (at PUC Rio). He is a specialist in Brazilian and non-European music, and his output includes a steady stream of popular podcasts for Danish music channels such as, Music for Dreams, MMH Radio and The Lake.
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