Spreading the Love for Underground Dance Music
Discover the journey of Céline, a talented DJ who started her career in New York City before revolutionizing the Parisian clubbing scene.
Early Days: Finding Her Love for House and Techno
Céline's passion for music was ignited when she moved to New York City in 2007. After quickly securing a residency at the Sonem Party, she was able to connect and collaborate with numerous talented DJs and producers. It was through this experience that Céline discovered her love for house and techno.
The Sundae Revolution: Bringing Daytime Parties to Paris
Inspired by the daytime party scene in NYC, Céline returned to Paris in 2009 and launched Sundae - the first outdoor daytime party for underground house and techno. The event was an instant success, with the famous Sundae parties happening twice a month during the summer season on the docks of the Seine. Céline's Sundae parties put Sunday daytime on the map for lovers of underground dance music in Paris.
Innovating the Parisian Clubbing Scene
In 2012, Céline took up the position of art director and head of communications for the Malibv Club in Paris. Transforming the once African club into a haven for underground house and techno, Céline showcases the best local talent through weekly events in a cozy and private environment. Her innovative approach has solidified her status as an innovator and pioneer of the Parisian clubbing scene.
Currently, she's part of the newest residents at the Sacré Club in Paris.
Landing Gigs in Berlin, New York, and Tokyo
Céline's notoriety has grown beyond the Parisian underground scene, with regular appearances at respected events around the city. Her unique and sensitive DJ sets have led to gigs at some of the world's hottest parties, from Berlin to New York to Tokyo. Céline's spirit and appreciation for her work have earned her a wide following and a place among the most talented DJs in the world.
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