67100, aka Ficus, has been a music producer for 20 years, and more recently a DJ. 
He's the head of the Dope Tones Records label. Resolutely oriented Brokenbeat, Deep House and Nujazz, his music fits perfectly with his label which produces a warm, percussive and dancing sound. 
More than a producer, 67100 also has a bi-monthly radio program on ODC Live, during which he unearths the new nuggets of Brokenbeat and Housemusic. 
From the start, his brokenbeat and house music tracks received support from DJs such as Pablo Valentino, Evm128, Sinbad and KM3. Known for his eclectic and dancing DJ sets, Ficus is the perfect DJ for a Nujazz & brokenbeat party, with a demanding and knowledgeable audience.  
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