Ficus, the Groove Mastermind Behind Dope Tones Records
Ficus, also known as 67100, has been producing music for 20 years and recently made a name for himself as a DJ. As the founder and head of Dope Tones Records, Ficus has created a label that specializes in Brokenbeat, Deep House, and Nujazz. His productions showcase a warm, percussive, and danceable sound that perfectly fits the label's vision.
Unleashing the Best of Brokenbeat and Housemusic 
Ficus is more than just a producer and DJ. He hosts a bi-monthly radio show on ODC Live where he introduces listeners to the latest Brokenbeat and Housemusic tracks. With the support of well-respected DJs such as Pablo Valentino, Evm128, Sinbad, and KM3, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the music scene.
Get Your Groove on with Ficus, the King of Nujazz & Brokenbeat
Ficus is well-known for his eclectic and dance-inducing DJ sets. He is the perfect DJ for a Nujazz and Brokenbeat party, delivering a demanding and knowledgeable experience to his audience. With a reputation for his remarkable sets, Ficus is a sought-after performer for those who want to experience the very best of Nujazz and Brokenbeat.
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