Meet The Fat Badgers: The Funky Quartet From Strasbourg
The Fat Badgers are a band based in Strasbourg, composed of four young musicians who studied at the Conservatory: Leopard Da Vinci, TastyBoubou, KingRevel, and Skeuv L'Anguille. 
One day, they decided to mix their classical training with the French-Touch... THE FAT BADGERS were born.
The Funky Soul Train Concept 
With their "Soul Train" concept, The Fat Badgers continue to seduce thousands of funk heads throughout France. Their unique concerts feature a dance carpet that cuts the crowd in half, disco balls, and a lot of sequins. They have performed in some of the most unexpected places in their hometown, including the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Strasbourg and the Strasbourg train station.
Bringing the Funkiest and Most Unique Sound to the Stage
The Fat Badgers' sound is funkier than ever, bringing a unique and fresh style to the stage. Their performances are a combination of original songs and covers, featuring a mix of funk, soul, and disco. Their energetic and charismatic presence on stage, combined with their passion for music, make them a must-see live act.
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