Ficus: Pioneer of Dubstep/Bass to Jazz Fusion
Fred Ficus is a music producer and DJ with two decades of experience under his belt. He was one of the pioneers of the Dubstep/Bass scene in France, notably with his live performance "Caterva" and the founding of the label "Sens Inverse" in the 2010s. Over the years, he returned to his musical roots by reconciling with his initial love for jazz, producing under the alias "67100."
Dope Tones Records: Elevating Strasbourg's Music Scene
In 2019, Fred launched his own label, "Dope Tones Records". Through this label, he highlights the emerging "Brokenbeat/House" and "Nujazz" scene in Strasbourg. The productions from his label, his radio shows, and his cutting-edge DJ sets blend avant-garde sounds, combining Deep and Break beats to create a unique sound that fuses "Brokenbeat, House & Jazz". This eclectic mix allows him to ignite dance floors.
Dancefloor Maestro
Fred Ficus has shared the stage with many renowned European artists including Lefto, Pablo Valentino, Dego, EVM128, Gilles Peterson, Simbad, and many more. What sets him apart is his unmatched technical prowess and feeling. His capacity to surprise will carry you into a dance brimming with energy and unexpected delights!
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