Goldencut - Blending Hip-Hop with Rock, Trap and Electro
Goldencut is a trio consisting of Eli Finberg on vocals and lyrics, Adam Lanfrey on machines and bass, and Geoffroy "Geo" Sourp on drums. Together, they create an incandescent hip-hop sound that is both exploratory and casual in nature.
Multidimensional Exploration of Hip-Hop
Their sound is rooted in hip-hop aesthetics but they also draw inspiration from rock, trap, and electro. Eli's raw, gritty flow and the trio's polished production create an organic and interstellar rap. They bring to light a geometry with variable symmetry, resulting in a modular and experimental sound.
An Organic and Transcendent Hip-Hop Experience
Goldencut's music can be dark and hybrid, taking influences from both rock and electronic music, but it also has a transcendent quality that immerses the listener in a chiseled, otherworldly hip-hop experience. Their music is an experiment that yields a modular result, reflecting the trio's alchemist approach to creating music. 

With Goldencut, hip-hop becomes a multidimensional universe waiting to be explored.
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