Jason Hogans: Multi-Talented Music Pioneer from Detroit
Jason Hogans is a Detroit-based producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist who has been shaking up the electronic music scene since his debut on Carl Craig's Planet E label in 1998 with the EP "Peter And The Rooster". With a passion for experimentation, he has transcended traditional musical genres, venturing into folk, minimal, punk, glitch, soul, reggae/dub, and more.
Multi-Faceted Performer
Jason is a dynamic performer, engaging audiences through heartfelt vocal features, self-released beat tapes, innovative remixes, and live shows across Europe and the USA. His stage presence includes turntable wizardry, live electronic beats on his hardware, and rap stylings that incorporate social commentary and introspective self-examination.
Collaborations and Critical Acclaim
Jason has shared both stage and studio with many talented and respected artists from all over the world, including Faruq Z. Bey, Sinistarr, James Blood Ulmer, Tadd Mullinix, Jimmy Edgar, Kevin Saunderson, Paul Randolph, and Anthony Shakir.
As described by The Guardian, "From the often indistinct morass of modern hip-hop comes something so singular as to merit special attention... His beats are fresh and different, but it is his rap stylings, a vehicle for social comment and heartfelt self-examination, that mark him out as special and worthy of attention."

His music is constantly evolving, challenging traditional genres, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

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