Jean Bisello - A Master Bassist, Composer, and Educator
Jean Bisello is a highly respected French bassist, composer, and arranger, known for his exceptional skills and musical talent. With a career spanning over several decades, he has worked with renowned artists such as Tal Bergman, Ray Gomez, George Lynch, and Paco Sery, to name a few.
Musical Journey with Boy Damon T and Zoka Fonktion
Jean Bisello also plays with the bands Boy Damon T and Zoka Fonktion, both power trios that have toured extensively and collaborated with various international artists, including Keziah Jones, Black Eyed Peas, Doug Wimbish, and Dee Nasty.
A Renowned Educator
In addition to his musical prowess, Jean Bisello is considered one of the best French pedagogues. He co-founded the CMCN in Nancy in 1989 and served as head of the bass section. He is also responsible for the Music Academy International since its inception in 1996.
Contributing Editor and Demonstrator
Jean Bisello is a contributing editor to several magazines, including Bass Mag and Bassiste Magazine, and a demonstrator for several prestigious brands, including Elixir, Hartke, and EBS. His exceptional technique and groove sense make him an ideal teacher to approach the slap technique and overall funk music era.
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