A Prominent Figure in the New School of Parisian Producers
Meet KM3, a talented Parisian DJ and producer who has been spinning for 15 years. With an extensive knowledge of various musical genres, he effortlessly transitions from unknown rare gems to disco, techno, and house music, earning him respect across the European circuit.
The Deephop Imprint: Collaborating with the Best
KM3 collaborated with one of the most prolific rappers and graffiti artists of the French scene, Grems, for five years. Together, they established the DEEPHOP imprint, which gained international recognition outside of France. The imprint also worked with platinum seller Disiz La Peste. Their hit track "Gash" aired worldwide and was licensed on Foreign Beggars UK imprint Dented.
Legendary Performances
Over the past decade, KM3 has played at legendary clubs and parties, both nationally and internationally. He has toured and produced with the DEEPHOP imprint and officially remixed artists such as Georgia Ann Muldrow and Detroit Grand Pubahs.
New Releases in the Works
KM3's passion for the dancefloor persists to this day. Under his Aurelian Moniker name, he is currently working on new house releases. His latest work includes a respected stomper on FACES RECORDS, which features his old friend Motor City Drum Ensemble. He also has releases on BeatXChangers and Increase The Groove, and a forthcoming new EP on his own label, Magic Black.
Expect to leave the club with a big smile on your face, as space is truly KM3’s place.
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