Leopard DaVinci: A Feline Name, A Unique Sound
Leopard DaVinci is the stage name of a talented musician who honours the great master of Italian painting with his feline nickname. He started his musical journey as part of The Fat Badgers, but in 2012 he decided to launch his own solo project.
A Multi-talented Musician
Whether he's on stage or in a DJ booth, Leopard DaVinci is a multi-talented musician who can play 4-hour sets on his machines and improvises solos on his guitar-clavinet. This unique home-made instrument represents his music on its own: a new electronic formula that comes straight from the dance-floor of the P-funk universe.
A Unique Blend of Electronic and Funk Music
Leopard DaVinci's music is hard to classify, as it combines elements from various genres such as funk, soul, disco, and electronic music. His sound is both retro and futuristic, as he blends old-school grooves with modern electronic beats. His unique sound has gained him a reputation as one of the most innovative producers on the scene today.
A Promising Future
With his unique sound and impressive musical skills, Leopard DaVinci is definitely one to watch in the world of electronic music. He continues to push boundaries and explore new musical territories, promising an exciting future for himself and his fans.
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