Lord Funk: The Legend of Global Funk and Groove
Paris, France - Within the global music scene, one figure stands out for their influence and originality: Lord Funk. Based in Paris nowadays, this iconic DJ has been the supplier and dealer of records and samples for the biggest electro and hip-hop producers, both American and international.
An Extraordinary Journey
Former cornerstone of the renowned A1 Record Shop in New York from 1997 to 2001, Lord Funk catered to legends such as Fat Boy Slim, Kenny Dope, Warren G, and DJ Premier, just to name a few. His extensive knowledge and record collection have established him as an indispensable reference in the field.
Beyond DJing: A Musical Influencer
Lord Funk has embraced a variety of roles in the music scene, such as international DJ (from New York to Helsinki, including stops in Shanghai and Tulum), radio host on Transat FM from 1990 to 1993 (particularly for the show "The Archipel du Funk"), producer and director of compilations featuring rare funk and groove, psychedelic, and film music, studio orchestration advisor, as well as a distributor for Desco Records.
Contributions and Collaborations
Beyond his DJ sets, Lord Funk was a musical pillar of the Kourtrajmé collective from 2000 to 2006. He also worked as a beatmaker for artists such as 113, Seth Gueko, Scred Connexion, Frank Gastambide, Sony Music, UGC, among others. In the early '90s, he founded the record store U.S.A Music in Paris, and has recently embarked on new ventures at A One Paris, a new branch of his former New York stronghold.
A Groundbreaking Label: Boogie Butt Records
Today, Lord Funk focuses on his label "Boogie Butt Records," producing 7-inch vinyl records in collaboration with artists such as Blowfly and Patchwork. He works freelance for BMG/Télé Music as a D.A on 4 compilations and remix projects. He also serves as a musical consultant for the Spot24 exhibition on urban sports in the Olympics. His ongoing work expands into composing music for advertisements, television, and film soundtracks, solidifying his position as a respected figure in the industry.
Lasting Musical Legacy 
Lord Funk's trajectory attests to his enduring impact on funk, soul, jazz, and beyond. His passion and dedication to music continue to inspire new generations, establishing him as a living legend and an ambassador of global groove.
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