The Trio Bridging Music, Visual Arts, and Dance in Strasbourg
Ordinaire is a collective made up of DJs and organizers who put a lot of energy into promoting meetings between music, visual arts, and dance in Strasbourg. El Kazed, Rony, and Big Freak have been known to invite artists like Orpheu The Wizard, Raphaël Top Secret, or Nick V, with the aim of spreading groovy and lively music to their audiences.
Label Activity and Impressive Collaborators
In recent times, Ordinaire has started label activity, with El Kazed releasing three tracks on the first two EPs with the support of DJs like Brawther, Chez Damier, or Jeremy Underground. The collective effortlessly sails from funk to house through disco and is not hesitant to play obscure records as well as more recent productions.
Groove Your Night Away
Ordinaire is a group that can make any night a lively one, with their trio moving seamlessly from one genre to the next, creating a perfect mix of funky and dance-worthy tunes. Get ready to groove with Ordinaire!
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