Olivier Hude, aka Reve Olver, has been passionate about music since his childhood. That is thanks to his mother, a piano teacher… And especially a live performance by Jimmy Hendrix which he attended at 12 years old. 
He first learned to play the guitar and then opened up to other instruments such as drums and bass. Transforming hardships into a constructive project, the artist will make it his leitmotiv. He invested the money he had earned in his true passion: music, with a home recording studio, and then a MAO training in Strasbourg. 
2019 is a turning point : his musical atmosphere changes gradually. The pop/electro style replaces the 70's rock style. The transition between these two influences takes shape during the recording of his first album where he works with Lorenzo's producer, Karl Benton and the sound engineer with three Grammy Awards, ChabMastering. 
At the time of the first confinement in 2020 he launches in parallel of the music on the social networks under his name Olivier Hude by making humorous and absurd videos. Today he has 3 million subscribers on his networks and influencers and artists such as Leopold Le Marchand, Angèle or Adèle Castillon support him by commenting and sharing his content.

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