Reve Olver: From Guitar Riffs to Electro Beats
Discover the incredible talent and passion of Olivier Hude, aka Reve Olver, whose musical journey began with a life-changing performance by Jimi Hendrix when he was just 12 years old. He started playing guitar and then expanded his skills to drums and bass.
Using music as a means to channel hardships into something positive, he invested his earnings into his true passion: music, by creating a home recording studio and pursuing a MAO training in Strasbourg.
A significant turning point came in 2019 when he shifted from 70's rock to pop/electro music. This transition came to life during the recording of his first album where he worked with top-notch producer Karl Benton from Lorenzo and sound engineer ChabMastering, who has won three Grammy Awards.
Beyond Music: a Social Media Aficionados 
During the 2020 lockdown, he started creating humorous and absurd videos under his real name, Olivier Hude, on social media platforms. Today, with 3 million subscribers and support from influencers and artists such as Leopold Le Marchand, Angèle, and Adèle Castillon, his content continues to entertain and inspire.

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