DJ/producer and activist in the Strasbourg (East, France) scene for over 10 years, Johann comes from a hip-hop background but has progressively delved into various music genres, driven by his insatiable thirst for exploration.

In 2014, he co-founded the collective Les ills to share his passion, hosting hundreds of local and international DJs to perform in his hometown. In 2017, he established the label Bande Magnétique and subsequently released his first EP and vinyl, electrosensitivity, on the Berlin-based multi-artistic platform by Willis Anne: LAN. In 2023, he released his debut album, Discordant Memories, on Letherique's label, Bella Ursa Recordings.

He served as the programmer for La Kulture from 2018 to 2023, showcasing the local electronic scene, and during the initial months of "Le Carton" with his colleagues from Raja Business Team.

Active under the project Ostalgie for several years, as well as under various aliases, each with its distinct universe such as Raw Joe or Magic Sound System. He recently joined the energetic project "We R Solar" with Phil MrP and his agency, MrP Agency. Mixing sounds ranging from ambient to downtempo, new beat to proto trance, house to idm, synth-pop to italo disco, breakbeat to dub, and much more. Timeless Rhythms enjoys crafting unique and different stories each time, depending on the hour, place, or dancefloor. He compiles emotions and rhythms of memories; his music is timeless and organic.
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